Dating the book of daniel

However, Gabriel links the Jewish people and their return to the coming of the Messiah.

Following is a quick overview of Gabriels prophecy, which centers on the coming Messiah.

These methods are: The University of Arizona used advanced methods to carbon date various Dead Sea Scrolls.

For example, researchers concluded at the 95% confidence level that the Habakkuk scroll was written between 150 BCE to 5 BCE.

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By taking this position, bias based on this study is removed. Physical evidence supporting the 165 BCE date comes from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Eight copies of Daniel were found at the Dead Sea Scrolls site.

Christians accept Daniels prophecy of the 70-weeks because the prophetic events fit Jesus life so well.

In general, people understand the 70-weeks prophecy to be literally foretelling of the Messiah.

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