Before updating scaffolding from new db

Again if you had custom code in your old migrations that added custom constraints or modified data alongside of the generated Migration code you may have to add this code back in the initial migration generated.

I recently ran into this problem with a simple example database that I use for various applications.

Your project that contains the Db Context for your EF application contains a Migrations folder.

This folder contains code files for each schema modification that was made with Up() and Down() methods that add and remove a given migration.

Scaffolding is the automated creation of a skeleton structure to simplify bootstrapping (of new modules, in the case of Odoo).

If you go the route of resetting your migrations, make sure you back up your code and make known good backups of your database, just in case the schema reversion doesn't do what you expect.Not sure if this is a common occurrence, but I've had a number of occasions where Entity Framework migrations have left the state of migrations in an unusable state.Usually this happens after a large number of migrations have been applied and I get stuck to where I can't update a database with new migrations or roll back. There are a number of hacks you can try to fix bonked migrations, but to be honest more often than not those simply don't work. I've found in most cases it's simply easier to blow away the migrations and start with a clean slate from the current schema.All that said I've had to do this sort of reset on a large project with a couple of hundred tables and it worked without a problem.But your mileage may vary, so whatever you do be safe about the data and code you already have and do the backup.

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