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98/22 Short Rifle variant, though it did not see significant production. That year, Brno Arms Works, which had been controlled by the Czechoslovak government, was privatized to encourage export sales.

Starting in 1923, Brno decided to develop a rifle based on the German Karabiner 98AZ, a shortened version of the Gewehr 98 with a 590 mm (23.23 in) barrel. 23, a rifle with a 550 mm (21.5 in) long barrel that was initially produced with parts cannibalized from other rifles. 23A, which consisted of newly manufactured components. The vz.24 became the primary rifle of the Czechoslovak Army before World War II.

History of the Marlin Model 60 An economically priced rifle that earned the title of "most popular 22 in the world." Since it was introduced in 1960, it has continuously represented one of America's finest rimfire values.

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A cleaning rod was stored in the stock under the barrel. 24 rifles, which were chambered in 7.65×53mm Argentine.

Ammunition was stored in a five-round, fixed, internal magazine that fit flush with the bottom of the stock, which was fed with stripper clips.

The rifles were fitted with tangent rear sights that were graduated in 50-meter (160 ft) increments, up to a maximum range of 2,000 m (6,600 ft).

The exact number of rifles manufactured between 19 is unknown, but may be less than 10,000, based on serial numbers of surviving rifles. 24 was a bolt action design based on the Mauser action, featuring a straight bolt handle.

The rifle's barrel, which was 590 millimetres (23.23 in) long, featured 4-groove rifling with a right-hand twist.

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