House needs updating

The service and staff is terrible and at 4.00 for a 8 oz cup of coffee and you have to struggle for a refill ,or maybe a desert the staff is very lazy and spends their time talking to each other instead of serving.

This may be harsh but its what the restaurant has become.

For a streamline 203(k) loan, the nonstructural home improvements you plan to make must cost at least ,000 but no more than ,000, according to

Otherwise, you will have to apply for a 203(k) loan that covers structural improvements that will cost more.

house needs updating-50

unfortunately she said "oops I'll be right back" and ran off again. Someone else at my table ordered the chicken souvlaki and said it was delicious.

Provide the lender with a detailed plan showing the proposed renovations and updates to the property.

If you intend to include an addition to the existing structure, you must supply the lender with a plot plan of the site.

If the owners or management was serving then it was great.

But the last time the waitstaff was there and no management.

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