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When you think of dating and single living, you might think Manhattan - Sex and the City style. Cynics might say that the root of this singularity (pun intended) is the reserved nature of the Swedes. Statistics released a couple of years ago found that Sweden has the "highest proportion of single-person households in Europe" - and in Stockholm, singles account for a whopping 58 percent of households.

Having done the video now, do you think women view men differently than men view women? I think inherently speaking, women are taught to have this ingrained respect for men. I think that's definitely changing, and I don't speak for everyone.It first launched in Amsterdam and then hit big in London and, in 2016, The Inner Circle came to Stockholm.“Stockholm is an international city full of well-travelled, attractive and interesting people, so it was an easy decision to prioritise Stockholm,” he says.I'm by no means a pro, but I really enjoy it and I'm learning. Did you crack the whip on set or did you give the boys some creative freedom?It's something I really enjoy so I hope to keep going. Some of them were really cool about what they wanted to do. We got so much amazing footage with them that I could have made the whole video using [it].

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