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They have enhanced the attractions of the much-loved Caroline Bay itself.

Holiday-makers have been flocking to this stretch of sandy, safe beach for more than 100 years.

Timaru owes its existence to the shelter provided by reefs of solidified lava (bluestone) from an extinct volcano beyond the town, named Mt Horrible.

Early Maori canoeing down the coast named Te Maru, 'The Shelter'.

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Timaru New Zealand - Accommodation, tourism and travel information.

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Timaru District sits at the doorstep of many inland lakes where sailing, water skiing, boating, windsurfing and fishing are popular summer pastimes.

Its airport and port facilities are provided as the natural distribution point for South Island exports/ imports.

Cultural activities eg, the Art Gallery are encouraged .

The townships of Rhodestown and Government town (Proposed by the Government, situated south of North Street) jealously competed until the areas were Incorporated as a borough in 1868.

Development of an artificial harbour was begun in 1877, but ships continued to be wrecked in the bay into the next decade.

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