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His parents were Stephanie O'Keefe and Raymond Peter O'Keefe, Sr.; the senior O'Keefe taught at Fordham University and St. O'Keefe was raised in Larchmont and became a graduate of Mamaroneck High School.Early on during his time there, O'Keefe was cast in The Musicals.

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"But then I moved away and my family got sick."Raitt is referring to a painful time that began with the deaths of her parents (she lost her mother in 2004, her father a year later); in 2009, her brother died after an eight-year battle with brain cancer. "You go back and relive your relationships with those people, and when there's multiple losses and illnesses, it can be almost overwhelming." After her brother's death, Raitt, who tours year-round and plans her career in five-year stretches, told her band she was taking a year off.

She started attending AA meetings in the mid-Eighties after losing her deal with longtime label Warner Bros. Her first "sober album," 1989's , was a multiplatinum success that won her three Grammys.

"I remember the change in her when she stopped drinking," says Browne.

"It's not a joined-at-the-hip relationship," she says. I have a full life."In March, she'll begin a two-year tour.

She's already planning daytime adventures like seeing music at New Orleans Jazz Fest and exploring old railroad tracks that have been converted to bike paths along the East Coast."They're usually under a canopy of trees or along a river, so it's really beautiful," she says, smiling.

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