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Printed decree regulating privileges given in exchange for a loan, signed by Alburquerque, text commencing: D. A few stains and wormed (latter mostly confined to blank margins, although there are a few minor losses to about five words). [6], 183 [1] pp., 11 photographic plates (scenes & views from the Santa Fe Route), folding map with original color (main map yellow and white; inset in full color): Sectional Map of the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Reservation, Oklahoma, U. [below neat line at lower left] Hudson-Kimberly Pub. Fragile boards moderately rubbed with a few losses at joints, extremities and edges, interior and map very fine. One of the reasons Alexandre gives for writing the book was so that he could make money. Overall sheet: 42 x 71 cm; image, title, and imprint: 30 x 61.8 cm. (,000-12,000)Cornerstone History of Jesuit Reductions in Paraguay Vanished Arcadia10. Engraved head- and tailpieces, typographical ornamentation. 3 vols., 4to, full contemporary mottled French calf, spines gilt-lettered and with raised bands, edges tinted red, marbled endpapers. See Catholic Encyclopedia and Thrapp, Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography. Binding moderately shelf-worn and some plates clumsily folded, otherwise very good. Mendez and Secretaría de San Jacinto, 3/27/1900 on half title, and Mendez’s small blind-embossed stamp on title page. The introduction by Cházari contains extensive commentary on and analysis of world-wide pisciculture and the profits to be made from it. In short, this work is a complete guide for anyone in Mexico interested in undertaking the work of raising fresh-water fish for domestic consumption or export. Cincinnati: Wrightson & Co., 167 Wall Street, 1866. In the present report, Cherry comments glowingly on the prospects to be had by developing Sonora’s mineral resources. (0-300)“The earliest example known to me of engraving done in Texas”—Streeter158. The plan was to connect the new town by a railroad with tidewater on Wilson’s Creek, about three miles to the south, ‘and thence by steam-boats or other craft to Port Austin and Palacios’..chances are that the project was not carried out.” Medlar (Portland), p. Handbook of Texas Online (Nicholas Clopper): Nicholas Clopper (1766-1841), early settler responsible for the acquisition of the Twin Sisters, was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on November 3, 1766. Tobacco: Its History Illustrated by the Books, Manuscripts and Engravings in the Library of George Arents, Jr.. Francisco Fernandez de la Cueva Enrriques, Duque de Alburquerque Marqués de Cuellar... (que Dios Guarde) se sirvió expeder la Real Cedula del thenor siguiente --- EL REY Duque de Alburquerque... This royal order is signed by the person for whom the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was named, Francisco Fernández de la Cueva Enríquez (ca. As the following obituary indicates, it is difficult to say how his novel marketing methods either enriched or impoverished him. One minor tear to right blank margin neatly mended, a few light creases, but overall very good and fresh color. [large cartouche at lower center] Lombard Investment Company. Moderate shelf wear (spines chafed and a little dry, extremities nicked, corners bumped), three joints split or starting to crack, interior with occasional light foxing, but otherwise fine, crisp, and very clean. Untitled text engraving of armed Europeans in a tropical peaceful kingdom. The work opens with an extensive discussion of types of fish found around the world but concludes with a discussion of the types most suitable for Mexican experimentation. The author was a prominent Díaz-era intellectual who possessed a large library, and this work is one of the fundamental ones that led to the present-day Mexican pisciculture industry. He downplays such potential problems as Apache hostility, the objections of the Mexican government, and the lack of labor, preferring to emphasize that the vast wealth of the idle mines awaits only industrious hands to extract it. Streeter 1387: "Account by a Presbyterian minister of a journey by sea to Galveston and then to Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Goliad.... After unsuccessful business ventures in Pennsylvania and Maryland, he moved to Ohio about 1820. Austin's colony, hoping to recoup his fortunes by trade and land speculation. Never a big nielsen hit in prime-time, the show became a surprise success in syndication.. But just enough diversity to make you feel that i am normal. It controlled edisons telephone patents in all of continental europe, excluding france, turkey, and greece. Sam starts to feel insecure and uneasy as silas spends more time with nina. Types: online dating, senior dating, gay dating, lesbian dating. Trading co., which had its headquarters in montreal.

During his stay here he had been an inveterate drinker, and this no doubt hastened his death which was due to heart failure. This edition contains an issue of his large map of the Republic of Texas. Martin & Martin 31n: “Although Thomas Gamaliel Bradford was not a leading figure in the nineteenth century American map trade, his atlases are significant to the cartographic history of Texas because they included the first two maps to depict Texas as an independent republic.... General Philip Sheridan's West Point classmate Major General Jesse L. A stockade was built where Sheridan conducted his Indian campaigns from his headquarters at the fort. As the signal for the 1892 rush was given along the outer boundaries, Fort Reno soldiers kept order among the tsunami of rambunctious settlers who inundated the area. The printing is typical of the somewhat irregular quality of Bangs’ types and print. There are several John Browns, all members of Austin’s Colony, to whom this decree could refer. [Printed heading at top] Gobierno supremo del Estado libre de Coahuila y Tejas. Se concede al ciudadano José Francisco Madero, privilegio exclusivo por el termino de diaz y oche años, para que pueda introducir en el Río Trinidad, Buques de Vapor ó de Caballo, Vela ó Remo, siempre que de su cuenta lo ponga en disposicion de poderlo verificar... Neat line to neat line: 20.5 x 33 cm; [3] Profile of Arkansas Valley Branch Denver and Rio Grande Railway from South Pueblo to Coal Banks | Profile of Line of Denver and Rio Grande Railway from Denver to Pueblo. Sheet size: 22.5 x 85 cm; [4] Map of the Mexico National Railway, Including Its Proposed Extensions and Connections, Showing Also the Relative Position of Mexico to the United States the West Indies, and the Adjacent Oceans. [above lower neat line, at left] National Railway Publication Comp. Of special interest are two large, highly unusual chromolithographs by L. Eschaury at the end of the volume: [1] El Gran Geroglífico de la Naturaleza (sheet size: 49.2 x 64 cm); [2] Biblioteca Masonica Universal. 16mo, original blind-stamped dark brown cloth, title in gilt on upper cover. Mc Calla, in fact, believes Texas to be relatively pure and unpolluted, although it certainly is not without its problems. Army Newspaper Published in Mexico during the Occupation Extra Prints Bound In83. AMERICAN STAR, DAILY AMERICAN STAR & THE NORTH AMERICAN. One of his sons, Andrew M., was a courier for President David G. Another was lost at sea in 1822 or possibly killed by Karankawa Indians on the Texas coast. and Edward N., came to Texas with Clopper at various times. The letters and journals of the family tell much about life and events in Texas at the time. Rudo Ensayo, tentativa de una Prevencional Descripcion Geographica de la Provincia de Sonora, sus terminos y confines; ó mejor, coleccion de materiales para hacerla quien lo supiere mejor, Coleccion de materiales para hacerla quien lo supiere mejor. (0-1,500)The end-Not for the Faint of Heart Ghastly caricature of Madero from the School of Posada Muy Raro172. Overthrown in February 1913, Madero was ‘shot while trying to escape,’ the time-honored application of the ley fuga. Victoriano Huerto engineered the murder and paved his own way to the presidency. Six-Guns and Saddle Leather: A Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets on Western Outlaws and Gunmen.

A Universal, Illustrated Atlas, Exhibiting a Geographical, Statistical, and Historical View of the World. They also serve to confirm the importance of Austin's map as a source for that information.” Phillips, Atlases 783. Rumsey 4453A (citing the 1841 Bradford-Goodrich atlas and discussing the variations of that series of atlases, of which the present is part, although with altered title): “Goodrich in 1842 issued a new edition of the Illustrated Atlas with Bradford that retains the text and adds the same new maps that are added here. 164 and is as follows: Texas [below neat line] Entered According to Act of Congress, in the Year 1838, by T. Bradford, in the Clerks Office, of the District Court of Massachusetts | Engraved by G. County lines are superimposed over land grants, and the city of Austin is now located. Entered according to Act of Congress in the Year 1876 by Warner & Beers in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D. Chicago: Union Atlas Co., Warner & Beers, Proprietors, 1876. (including 116 chromolithograph maps, 3 uncolored lithograph maps, and 37 uncolored lithograph views, scenes, and portraits). Shown in Gallatin County, for example, are the infamous “Salt Mines,” run by John Hart Crenshaw. The Cavalry and Cheyenne Police operated the "beef issue," distributing live Longhorn cattle for the Natives to chase and shoot like buffalo. Double folio print with eight views: (1) [central view] Kansas City 1855 [within image] First Brick House in Jackson Co. Broadside (28 x 18.7 cm), on hand-made Italian laid paper watermarked Almasso. The line was notable for its many engineering achievements, including the highest railroad beds in the United States and the first large-scale application of narrow gauge road. entrepreneurs who desired to connect the country in a north-south orientation and was especially singular in his desire to extend his railroad into Mexico, a goal which he eventually accomplished by working in Mexico itself. This map and its accompanying emigrant guide have been widely and frequently praised as the most accurate and current information then available in separate cartographic form for the regions shown. Included in the volume are several lithographs (see below for detailed listing). San Augustin de la Florida [title verso: Munsell, Printer, Munsell, Albany], Año de 1863. (pages set as follows: left margin 3.5 cm, text 9.5 cm., right margin 4.3 cm), title printed in red and black. Silked, a few chips to blank margins, some loss of title as indicated, to a few letters, and two small voids in lower right image. Documents early lawlessness in the West, illustrating in four scenes Casey’s assassination of newspaperman James King of William and Casey’s execution at the hands of the second Vigilance Committee . In the back are two small calaveras in the upper left and right corners.

However, many of the maps in the 1841 edition are somewhat different from the 18 editions, with the usual changes in counties, etc.” Sabin 7261 (mentioning editions including 1838, 1839, and 1842). Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 430 & 431 & II, p. The southwestern boundary has been moved from the Nueces River to the Rio Grande. 164-166) declares diplomatically: “The boundaries of this infant commonwealth are as yet unsettled on the side of Mexico.” The essay on the “Mexican United States” still lists the state of Coahuila y Tejas, and notes the territories of New Mexico and Upper and Lower California. Folio, modern half black leather over black cloth, spine gilt-lettered, new endpapers, edges marbled. Situated near a town ironically named “Equality,” Crenshaw’s salt mines were the scene of one of the dark deeds in the entire history of the Underground Railroad and slavery. In recent years the Cheyenne-Arapaho have been attempting to re-acquire the lands carved from their reservation to establish Fort Reno. Fowler was “the most prolific of all American city viewmakers, as artist, publisher, co-artist, or joint publisher of more than four hundred views” (Reps, p. He began his independent viewmaking career in 1876 after working for others for about six years, and his career of representing small-town America spanned fifty years. [lower right] From Old Engraving Owned by Nathan Greely, Esq. [below right] Copyright 1887 by Lanward Specialty Publishing Co. With ink rubrics of Veramendi and del Valle, ink number at top (44) and transmittal note to Santa Rosa at lower left. Streeter’s Texas bibliography, though it seems odd it is not there, since it fits his parameter and there was a copy in the Streeter Sale. Neat line to neat line: 60 x 34.2 cm; [2] Map Showing the Property of the Central Colorado Improvement Company. At one time the railroad had more narrow gauge track than any other line in North America. Although the railroad was eventually absorbed by the Union Pacific, its final achievements were noteworthy. According to the accompanying pamphlet: “The chief authorities from which the map is compiled, are the Congressional Map of Texas, 1844, Kennedy’s Map of Texas by Arrowsmith, Mitchell’s Map of Texas, Ward’s Map of Mexico, Fremont’s Map of his explorations in Oregon, California, &c., 1842, 1843, 1844, Map of Lewis and Clarke’s tour, Major Long’s tour to the Rocky mountains, Nicollet and Fremont’s exploration of the country between the Mississippi and Missouri, the Congressional Map of the Indian territory, and Mitchell’s Map of the United States” (p. For those contemplating the journey west, the Oregon Road and the Santa Fe trails from Independence, Missouri, are shown and a table of distances between Westport and Oregon City is printed. Folio, contemporary three-quarter leather and marbled paper. 4to (17.5 x 21.5 cm), original gray paper wrappers, Provincia de Sonora printed in black on upper wrapper, original stitching. A column of explanatory text runs down the middle between the scenes. One holds a spade, indicating that he is a ditch digger or, in the connotation of the calavera, a grave-digger, and the other is a house-painter.

All bidders without exception must be registered with us. Alexandre seems primarily interested, however, in pointing out the possibilities for settlers that will arise when various Native American lands are opened to settlement, as is indicated on the map. Gradual pressure by the United States led to a series of treaties prior to the Louisiana Purchase (1803) whereby the new republic augmented its presence in the west and brought in Anglo-American traders and settlers. Charlevoix’s skillfully written work, with its emphasis on the vulnerability and simplicity on the “noble savage” and a utopian ideal in the jungles of South America, influenced eighteenth-century French and English philosophy. 8vo, presentation binding of original full dark blue sheep with gilt tooling and red leather inlays, spine gilt with raised bands, a.e.g., inner gilt dentelles. With the Compliments of the Cin Cincinnati, Sept 14 1866.”First edition. But what exactly is going through the head—a head as bald as the calavera he is examining—of this ridiculous rival of the Shakespearian hero? Not in Tyler, Posada’s Mexico.(0-500)Calavera de los Camiones153. Strongly represented are Texas, California, Colorado, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. [four vignettes, clockwise from left: (1) allegorical illustration of Justice with weighing scales; (2) Native American in landscape greeting an incoming train; (3) allegorical illustration of woman with eagle and pitcher; (4) sheaf of wheat with agricultural implements]. Fine, signed by Nicholas Clopper, notable Texas pioneer and entrepreneur, an official of the company (see below).

Seating at the auction will be limited (due to San Francisco city code, space limitations, and our desire to support a nonprofit historical society). The last third of the book is devoted almost exclusively to issues of emigration and settlement. These migrants were welcome under the proviso that they were Catholics and swore allegiance to the king of Spain, requisites retained well into the Mexican period in the colonization of Texas and California. I: [4], xxxiii, [9], 489 [1, blank] pp., 2 engraved maps, 1 text engraving; Vol. Charlevoix joined the Jesuits and went to New France in 1705; was commissioned to seek a route to the western sea in 1720; in 1721 journeyed down the Mississippi, was shipwrecked off the Florida Keys, and returned to France via Santo Domingo. de la Secretaría de Fomento, Calle de San Andrés número 15, 1884. Binding moderately scuffed and with some losses, corners bumped and exposed, front hinge starting, interior and maps very fine. Sabin (12479), Howes (C347), Streeter Sale (513), and others list various imprints related to this Borderlands mining venture, but not the present one. The question will remain unanswered.” (0-600)152. Subjects include public buildings and hotels, interior views, cityscapes, landscapes, the San Antonio zoo, Yellowstone Park, Field Museum, Mammoth Cave, California orange groves, Catalina Island, and the nation's capital. Streeter 450 (locating only his own copy, now at Yale): “This certificate, which is engraved and not printed, is the earliest example known to me of engraving done in Texas. Baird & Evans: BAIRD, Joseph Armstrong & Edwin Clyve Evans.

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