Updating your wireless network card drivers

If you couldn't find a driver update from either your chipset vendor or your manufacturer, continue to section 3 below.If you updated your driver with the manufacturer's latest, but are still having difficulties, you may want to adjust your wireless card's power settings next.For these reasons, you should only use Windows Updates when the other two methods have failed.Your network performance might significantly jump with a driver update on your network interface card (NIC) from your operating system.

Determine your wireless card's name, manufacturer, model number, vendor, service tag number or product number and / or hardware ID.

The network adapter is a card or built-in port on your computer’s motherboard that allows you to connect your computer to a network with a network cable.

Like other hardware devices in your computer, the network adapter may require you to install updated drivers for better performance.

As stated above, if your wireless card was factory-installed, your computer's manufacturer may wish to test and / or modify its vendor's updates before they release them.

Additionally, even if your card was not factory-installed, there will always be lag-time before Windows Updates adds a new driver to its lists.

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