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"It's like we made this film and now, we're in rehearsal, and we have to get it ready for theater," Guarisco said.Givers (stylized as GIVERS) is an indie pop group from Lafayette, Louisiana.The members of Givers have previously performed in zydeco, jazz and Cajun groups.Following a touring stint with the Dirty Projectors and their debut 2009 EP, the band recorded their debut album and signed to Glassnote Records.That might be a bit of a knock against In Light if it wasn't such an accomplished, ambitious debut.Rather than coming off as an indie rock also-ran, Givers sound genuinely influenced by a mix of Sonic Youth, Graceland-era Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, and My Bloody Valentine without ever really aping any of these artists.In the end, they created "New Kingdom," which drops Friday (Nov. It's already streaming on Pandora, and the band will be in New Orleans on Nov. Departing from the tinkling xylophone and West African drumming-inspired backbeat of "Up Up Up" on "In Light," the new album takes a more ethereal, almost contemplative approach.

"We mixed something old, something new, and 'New Kingdom' arrived. 'New' being fresh, futuristic and modern, and 'kingdom' being this antiquated word of lineage and a link to the past." That sort of experimentation embodies much of the Givers' genesis."That's the way the story goes," laughed the Givers' guitarist and vocalist, Taylor Guarisco."With every band's sophomore record, it's like, 'Hey! ' For us, that definitely is a part of it, and it's definitely something you have to process.Elsewhere, Givers delve into atmospheric and handclappy dance anthems like "Ceiling of Plankton," and deliver the expansive and yearning midtempo ballad "Atlantic." The track, much like the rest of In Light, is stunning and epic in scope.When the Lafayette-born, indie-pop band Givers came running out of the gate with its 2011 album "In Light," a little bit of luck and an approachable, Afro beat pop sound pushed the band into the limelight.

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