Omarian dating

If you were waiting for Apryl and Omarion to get back together you can stop now because according to Ms. In this video captured by the Shade Room, Apryl kept it eight more than 92 on an Instagram live feed. It just doesn’t happen where it’s like ’oh there’s no reason’ or ’hey we just separated ’cause we separated.’ It’s like NOOO. I’d rather be f—ing by myself for the rest of my life than ever be in a relationship that isn’t allowing me to flourish.

With all that goes on in my world, I can depend on you.

Apryl then reminded everyone she was single: Hit the flip to read more from Apryl next…

Omarion and Apryl Jones had one of the most headline-grabbing breakups this past summer and since then fans have assumed that the parents of two have been able to keep the peace since they didn’t end their relationship on bad terms.

Since their split, Jones has kept her talk about the breakup to the absolute minimum.

However, she did seem to have a response to her ex’s new song about her.

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