Interracial dating meeting family

He and his wife carried their sleeping daughters to the top deck so the three of them could board a lifeboat.Joseph died in the sinking of the Titanic and his body never recovered.In the heartwarminig photograph below, the Coleridge-Taylor's pose for a family portrait.Samuel was an English composer and conductor of mixed-race heritage who married an Englishwoman.

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Jack Johnson and his wife Etta Terry Duryea, January 27, 1910.

They ended up travelling on the Titanic making Joseph the only known black passenger on the ill-fated voyage.

On April 14th, 1912 Joseph woke Juliette to tell her that the ship had an accident.

It wasn't until 1967 when Richard and Mildred Loving - a couple whose mixed-race marriage saw them exiled from their Virginia home - took their fight to the Supreme Court, that things changed.

The Supreme Court ruled that all laws prohibiting interracial marriage were illegal and ended all race-based legal restrictions in the United States.

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