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Whilst it’s completely free Christian dating site – and one of a kind in it’s league, the site features are basic.

Having said that, if you are prepared to look through many pages of profiles (the search is pretty limited).

I then bought their part of the company back for 5K. Fusion – re-marketed – 2000 Once I got the site back I kept Fusion free and began to do my own online marketing using somewhat hit and miss tactics but learning a lot about search engines along the way and actually getting good rankings for fusion.

Fusion – new partners – 2000 Fusion began to grow and had about 300 joiners per week (without a chat room) from various countries mainly UK.

I thought if whilst trying to find one to join people came across our site which was free amongst the many others that were not, it might stick in the memory.

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Fusion101 – 2002 Fusion101 Christian friends and dating service works!But all in all the is in fact the best free dating site.DATING SITE REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10 – Despite the sceptics, Fusion 101 really does offer Christian dating for free and a pretty decent all round matchmaking service and has had many marriages as can be seem from the home page!I managed to keep it all going but later on ended up in hospital! Fusion101 – 2002 By now Fusion101 had become so busy (about 300 people joining a week and 1000 logins per day) that the whole thing began to slow up.Searches on the database could take 15 seconds or more to execute and in many cases locking up completely. The host company wanted 3K to keep fusion going – It turns out they were fleecing me – charging 5-6 times over the amount I needed to pay!

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