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If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. Public Class frm Progress Private Sub frm Progress_Load(sender As System. I have an existing form with code which I just added a Progress Bar to which is set to Marquee.I cannot get the Progress Bar to show any progress.Only if I put the writing in a separate thread the Progress Bar in my popup-form would update correctly.If you'll use a separate thread created from the main application for coyping, let the copying-thread call a "callback-function" defined within the calling thread (the main application) so that the outside world of the copying-thread keeps being informed on how far copying has proceeded. Refresh(); Regards Rolf Please consider: foreach (List View Item item in list View Files. And the progressbar updates based upon the number of files I have.What I am trying to do is have it so that each file copied gets the Progress Bar a little closer to the end until they are all copied. Hi, your application starts the copying processes and the display of the progess-bar from within the same thread.File-IO can be very consumptive regarding processor-time and thus performance.

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If you want to go even deeper you would have to read a source-file block-wise into a buffer and write from that buffer blockwise to the target file. I was thinking I could make the progressbar update based upon how far along the file was during the copy.The two larger 36MB files do not update the bar at all until the end and then the blue bars on the Progress Bar only go up to halfway when completed. Value = 1; // Set the Step property to a value of 1 to represent each file being copied. Step = 1; try { foreach (List View Item item in list View Files. So as say a 14MB file is copying it does like windows and moves the bar until 14MB is reached. What I have above is kind of an "overall" progressbar.What I am trying to do is have it so that each file copied gets the Progress Bar a little closer to the end until they are all copied. You should definitely be performing long-running operations in a worker thread - but then you can't update the UI directly from the worker thread. -- Jon Skeet - I was able to do the following: // Display the Progress Bar control. Visible = true; // Set Minimum to 1 to represent the first file being copied. Minimum = 1; // Set Maximum to the total number of files to copy. I don't know if using Do Events() is a good thing either. And the progressbar updates based upon the number of files I have.The UI thread would have to be pumping events to even get the Paint events for drawing the progress bar, and without any drawing, it doesn't matter how much progress there has been. Your best option though would be to place the running task in its own worker thread.With this option, you can update the progress bar even you do not control the code that is blocking the UI.

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