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The genre began with dramatizations and remained the technique of choice for roughly six decades.By the late 1990s, however, arbitration-based reality shows had overwhelmingly taken over as the technique of choice within the genre, the trend continuing into the present."The most basic agreements itemises all pre-marital assets that in the event of a divorce will remain the property of their original owner."Prenups are a sensible idea because they preserve the expectations of the parties and prevent any nasty surprises in a divorce case.

The principle was established by a case in 2010 involving German heir Katrin Radmacher, who sought to protect her £106 million fortune in the event of a marriage breakdown.Historically prenups have been criticized for undermining the institution of marriage."It's often claimed that prenups take the romance out of a marriage, and that it can be a cold and calculating process to undergo at what should be one of the happiest experiences in a couple's relationship," Ayrton said."If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are both very wealthy in their own right, were to take out a prenup should marriage be on the cards, this would be nothing more than a couple in love protecting themselves being open with each other about finance and regulating their affairs as mature, responsible adults.A court show (also known as a judge show, legal/courtroom program, courtroom show, or judicial show) is a television programming subgenre of either legal dramas or reality legal programming.

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