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We are here to provide you with information to help you understand and run your Cholestech L·D·X® System.We'll start with some of the questions most frequently asked by customers.

capillary samples for total cholesterol compared with the venous samples on the Kodak 700 laboratory analyser gives a minimal -4% bias; the report confirms an imprecision of around 5% for total cholesterol, 5 - 10% for HDL and 6 - 10% for triglycerides.Five-to 10- fold elevations of ALT occur in patients with primary or metastatic carcinoma of the liver.In infectious mononucleosis, with liver involvement, elevations may be up to 20 times the upper limit of the reference range.Patients who have experienced these increases usually have no symptoms.Therefore it is important to monitor liver activity in patients on lipid-lowering drug therapy.

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