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On the north wall is a list of incumbents dating from 1054 and on the south wall copies of plates from two medieval books owned by the church.

Looking back towards the High Altar we can see that the line of the chancel is deflected to the south - a feature said to symbolise the inclined head of Christ on the cross.

An Easter sepulchre occupies much of the north arcade and below and to the east of this is the oldest surviving brass in the church, commemorating the death of John King in 1445.Henry a member of the East India Company died in Patna in 1763 having survived the Black Hole of Calcutta in 1756.This bust is facing away from the altar as it was moved from the Easter Sepulchre during the Victorian Restoration.Turning around one sees the contrasting 14th century arch of the baptistery which is part of the 14th century addition of the tower.Examining the most western pillar capitals of the nave arcading one can see the 14th century work of the additional bay contrasting with the original 12th century work.

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