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I regularly go through any clothes that are folded in my drawers, wash them and put them away again.

But for those who don’t want to risk turning their cashmere jumpers to cinders when they turn on the Sunday roast, there are plenty of ways to keep moths at bay.

’ ‘Moths breed in dark, undisturbed places and a quick run-round with the hoover won’t shift eggs from those places, or wool carpets that are under furniture,’ explains pest expert Ian Miller.

‘You need to vacuum every nook and cranny, including inside wardrobes, and then follow it up with insecticide.’Up in Edinburgh, Caroline Mc Intosh has now invested in lavender sachets and cedar balls, and says: ‘I wash clothes at a high temperature where possible.

‘Give your wardrobe and drawers a good clean before unpacking the new season’s clothes, too,’ advises clothing maintenance expert Julia Dee, of the clothing website Total Wardrobe Care.

The biggest draw for a hungry moth is stained clothing.

And when you wash items yourself, make sure the water is above 48 degrees centigrade — and the wash programme lasts for at least half an hour — to be certain that every stage of the insect’s life cycle has been killed off.‘The moths had been feasting and the jumpers were unsalvageable,’ she says.‘They seem to love clothes that aren’t often moved — and here in Scotland, summer clothes can sit for months before being worn!Britain is being terrorised by a plague of common clothes moths whose tiny larvae are causing misery up and down the country.Even the Department for the Environment had to be fumigated recently when an infestation of moths was discovered in its London HQ.

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