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Ayako Ito announced the last week the retirement of the entertainment industry. FORCE”, and become a “civilian” to live in Akita again.

Is expected with her retirement, the bashing in the net associated with the past relationship rumors will stop.

Himitsu no Arashi chan has not been very interesting after 311, program changed etc, UNTIL LAST THURSDAY 20 where it features “Aiba & Sho’s Dating at Chiba” !!

This is a MUST-WATCH episode for Sakuraiba’s fans!!

He should have taken advantage of that and just say thank you for your concern and go on with his business.

Saying he'll break up with his girlfriend is doing nothing but encouraging fan entitlement.

That's like violating my rights to shine; taking all the spotlight away from me. Meanwhile, Nino's radio broadcast gained much attention among fans as it ranked number one on various search engines.

Can't I just stand on a chair whenever I get a chance to pose next to them?

The two shared similar interests, including the ability to paint, and they have been dating for a year now.

Aiba has been taking shots of Sho with his videocam, Sho looks so cute 😀 They talked about their previous experiences, the most scary outings they’ve had before etc etc. Aiba ordered a sumptuous BBQ lunch specially for Sho, Sho was surprised because he loves clams, scallops, all those seafood, and he seldom mentioned this in public. It’s very funny when they were about to leave the bath tub, Aiba got up without covering himself and Sho is shouting “cover your front part! Aiba tried to get out of the hole, but as usual, he’s clumsy and he fell down into the hole again. or he feel gratitude to Aiba and staffs for such a great program?

Aiba said “Hey, pal, I’ve known you for 14,15 years! 😆 Aiba asked Sho, “Do you think that this peperoncino is a bit tasteless? yeah, it’s a bit plain”, and he continued then, “but it’s delicious, it’s not the taste that counts” After the meal and a “heart-to-heart talk? ” 😳 Aiba blindfolded Sho before they reach the next destination, Sho felt so uneasy, according to Aiba he has been holding his hands very tightly 😀 When he opened his eyes, he was so surprised by the scenery in front of him! He mentioned in Otonoha, he really enjoyed this episode very very much, too much until he was not sure whether it’s alright for him to enjoy his work so much, he feel so happy and so thankful to Aiba-chan and all the staffs.

:p We know Aiba’s very emotional, if it’s not Sho but Leader today, bet they will hug each other and cry together 😀 Another surprise from Aiba is HANABI (fireworks) ! It gives me encouragement to keep on writing :) If you want more pictures of them, you can join my facebook.

I will post up their recent news mainly on facebook.

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