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According to the official Google blog, Maps has just added more than 25 new real-time data providers for public transit in six locations: Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, the UK, the Netherlands, and Budapest.

I just did a quick test in San Francisco using a Nexus 9, and the transit direction results did indeed alert me to a bus arriving a bit earlier than scheduled on my chosen route.

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For users who aren't in those select cities, you'll still see public transit options arranged in a new way — instead of just showing a list of options, Google clearly calls out a recommended route and then groups other options by similarities.

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i am making a employee tracker in which i will fetch all employee current Lat long after every 30 sec and update on server and then Admin module will fetch the Lat-long of of each employee from server and update the eisting marker position.

So please tell me how to update the 100 markers position without effecting the UI thread in android.

Google today announced an update coming to the i OS, Android, and desktop versions of Google Maps will introduce a way for users to share their real-time locations with friends and family.

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