Dating looks or intellect

So, remember go to an Aquarian when looking for a logical way to solve an issue, not just to vent.The Aquarian is a future-seeker who goes after big change.

Here I will focus on the important subliminal influence of a person’s facial appearance.They are definitely not afraid to be a leader when it comes to alternative thinking.Aquarius has a zeal for embracing all that comes with the new age and would prefer someone to hold hands with while jumping ahead than to be with someone stagnant or worse, stuck in the past. Embrace Alone Time Alone time is not just wanted by an Aquarian, it’s needed.Once an Aquarius has decided to open up and trust someone they will be loyal to that person to the end—and they expect the same in return.They will protect and defend all who they love: friends, family, partners, and because it takes a while for an Aquarius to show vulnerability, when they do it’s a big deal that comes with grand rewards like loyalty, commitment, integrity.

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