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The practice of drinking from natural springs for health reasons dates back to Roman times.

During the reign of Elizabeth I, the practice of taking these natural waters for health purposes became more popular among the nobility.

The green bank, which was located near the Spring and known as the Upper Walk was raised and levelled.

A double row of lime and elm trees were planted in order to provide shade for the ladies and gentlemen promenading on the Walks.

Free from the restrictions of Court the concept of a holiday as we know it today was started.

The news of Lord North’s discovery spread around Court.

Away from Court they took advantage of the opportunities provided to establish relationships with individuals from different social backgrounds to exchange ideas and opinions.

In 1629 the first royal visitor to the ‘Wells’ was Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I, who stayed for six weeks.

As there was no accommodation available at that time, the Royal entourage camped on the Common.

The day would start by drinking the waters, this was followed by breakfast and attendance at Chapel.

The rest of the morning was taken up by such activities as walking or riding in the surrounding countryside.

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