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However, Monique Alexander and Nicolette Shea want to put her through a little interview first.She’ll have to call up strict security guard Jean Val Jean and convince him to abandon his surveillance for one hot visit with her pussy."We suggest little things like that to keep the excitement in our sex lives." Then they follow through.Admiring Other Guys Is Part of the Fun Most straight guys can only imagine what might happen if their wife or girlfriend caught them leering too long at the yoga instructor.Liability for any content contained in a post is the sole responsibility of the person(s) who submitted them. After Madison’s caught spying at 1-800-Phone-Sex, she’s ready to hang up her secretarial hat and start a career as an operator.Gay porn also eroticizes behaviors like mutual masturbation, which you don't see much of in straight porn.. Or you could take a cue from another source of our creativity: porn. Thomas wrote in his chapter of , a classic look into the sex industry, "Porn has always held a more accepted, even exalted, position in gay culture than in straight." Thomas cited a study that revealed that gay men watched porn at more than twice the rate of straight men—and that research was 10 years ago."It can make some men feel vulnerable to admit that they could learn anything new about how to please their partner."When you have that talk, start with simple requests, Herbenick says. Gay couples quickly learn what a lot of straight couples take a long time to figure out: Used as fantasy fuel, pornography can actually spark sexual novelty and creativity, which is valuable given that two people in a relationship almost never have identical sex drives.

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The landmark 2008 study, published in the journal This wasn't exactly news to me.

After all, we date guys like you—we are guys like you. So put two (or more) men together who find each other attractive, and you can take a wild guess what happens.

A study in the found that gay men do, in fact, tend to have more active sex lives—at least in terms of having more partners. In the Developmental Psychology study, gay couples were also shown to have higher levels of affection and intimacy.

Gay men often have a larger menu of things to choose from." Which seems counterintuitive, since men have matching parts.

But gender roles, Herbenick says, can be more flexible among gay men, so there's less stigma attached to things like the use of sex toys. You'll likely wind up with new material to fuel your sex life for months.

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