Taraji and michael ealy dating

Humans shadow box, while robots (8 to 10 feet tall) shadow box and spar with other robots before matches.

A robot fights a steer: we see the steer knocked down several times, then thrown and it lands with a loud thud; the steer rams the robot and gores it until it falls apart in puddles of green ooze and clouds of sparks.

We see the top half of a broken robot, still punching as it is pulled away on a cart. The kid uses the phrase 'screwed me' when first meeting his father.

There is also a lovely scene where he climbs into bed with the woman that he is sort of involved with and the have a cuddle!

Nice that they have avoided unnecessary sexiness here.

The robot fights can be intense, a few arms are ripped off, heads crushed and punched off.

A scene where the main character gets beaten up can be very intense, since the man beating him claimed he was going to beat him 'within a inch of his life,' also the kid is being held down and thrown since he tried to help his dad.

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