How to tell overprotective parents you are dating

But before you do something sneaky or get in a huge, blowout fight with them, read these tips on how to convince your parents to let you date. I know this sounds obvious, but seriously: don't bug your parents about this until there is someone in your life worth fighting over it for.

I know that, for me, sometimes just hearing the words "you can't do that" would make me want to fight, even if it wasn't something I wanted to do right at that moment. Source: Shutter Stock When the time comes, you have no other choice but to talk to your parents. My mom has always been a sucker when we tell her the truth about how we feel. Being honest with them will make them more likely to listen and consider your feelings. Source: Shutter Stock Don't go into this conversation determined to only get what you want - you need to be willing to make compromises.

This is a big problem for girls living in India and other Asian countries.

At some point your parents have to know, but before that happens maybe you should tell them there’s a guy in your life.

If they say no, or if it takes really long, pick the parent you're closer to and work on them. I would talk to her privately, and then she would talk to my dad without me there.

Source: Shutter Stock Chances are, your parents are going to want to get to know this person before they say yes. If you're not comfortable inviting him over to meet them, talk to them about him. But your best bet is to let them meet him themselves.

They never said I couldn’t date him – they just did everything they could to make it difficult, from hiding the phones so I couldn’t call him to telling me I couldn’t go out at all on weekdays. I wish I knew then that there is a better way to do things.

If your parents won’t let you date, and your crush really wants to ask you out, you’re probably on the verge of going insane right now.

Somehow through the magic of time and space, you like him and he likes you. If they say no, respect that and wait a few weeks or months to ask again. 8 tips on how to get your parents to do whatever you want Follow Gurl, pretty please!Don't keep begging every day, and please try not to sneak around behind their backs. Be polite without freaking out if they have a zillion questions. Family dinners are a common first time meeting moment but can be very stressful. Find the best way to tell your parents that you have a boyfriend and love him.

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