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‘Each day, I look after the children, do the drudgery, the park, the playgroups… ‘Women are educated, they have jobs, they are independent.If I had to stay at home when they’d gone to bed, I’d crack up. The evenings are my time to catch up with them.’Karen’s friends are aware of Paul’s objections. But you lose a lot by not being part of a close team.nights out with the gang, spa weekends, girlie lunches…Many of us hold on to our single lifestyle long after we’ve walked down the aisle.But while it’s good to keep our own identity, are we putting our marriage at risk by prioritising our friendships?My mum is mystified by my marriage,’ says Louise, 30, a freelance TV producer.

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‘Even when I’m at home, I spend hours on the phone or on Facebook.’Louise’s husband of 21 months may not actively complain about this (‘He’s happy on the sofa in front of Sky Sports,’ she insists), but her resolutely independent lifestyle doesn’t bode well for the bonding process that is necessary if a marriage is to establish strong foundations and really flourish.

By 2000, this had dropped to 34 per cent and 44 per cent respectively.

Interestingly, men are significantly more likely to name their wives as their best friends.

Mira Kirshenbaum, therapist and author of The Weekend Marriage, says, ‘A number of powerful forces have come together to push married women into leading single lives.

First, we marry later – the average age is 29.9 for women, whereas 40 years ago, it was 23.

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