Freight consolidating

Since 1991, we have been breaking down shipments and consolidating freight to meet the specific demands of retailers of all sizes.

Acting as a consolidation point, SECO schedules and manages the movement of FTL and LTL shipments from virtually any vendor location to one of our strategically located facilities in Atlanta and Dallas, and then on to its final destination.

Retailers of every size trust SECO to create speed and cost savings by breaking down shipments and sorting freight with expertise and precision.

Once the books arrive to the gateway, a tiered freight rate is calculated.

Since freight rates are discounted per kilo at the higher consolidated weights, Parties benefit even more from combining their published goods into large shipments.

NOISE POLLUTION in cities has resulted in elevated stress levels and concomitant health problems.

Consequently, one focus of the October 2015 Freight in the City Expo, which brought together experts from the logistics and associated industries (see preceding article), was on advances in urban freight deliveries that promise quieter cities.

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