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In 2004, following several suicides in Arizona facilities, a U. Department of Justice investigation documented widespread physical and sexual abuse of youths by staff at the Adobe Mountain School, as well as excessive and inappropriate use of disciplinary isolation and failure to protect youths from attacks by other youths (and in some cases actively encouraging fights among youths).

The Justice Department identified some of the same problems in the state’s Black Canyon and Catalina Mountain training schools. Department of Justice, Investigation of Adobe Mountain School and Black Canyon School in Phoenix; and Catalina School in Tucson, Arizona,” Jan.

In September 2004, Arizona signed a new consent decree agreeing to address these problems, which remained in effect until 2007. 23, 2004; “Suicidal Tendencies: The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections Is a Bloody Mess,” revealed that youths in the state’s juvenile facilities were “routinely degraded; verbally, physically and sexually abused; hog-tied; forced to sleep outside in freezing weather” and that “staff members have slugged children in the face and…

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Allegations in the case involved at least 15 staff.An expert review conducted in 2003 as part of the lawsuit determined that California suffered from “a serious problem of violence in its institutions” as well as excessive reliance on isolation, including the use of cages to isolate non-compliant youth.In 2006, an expert review panel reported that state facilities were still plagued with high levels of violence, unsafe conditions for both youths and staff, and frequent lockdowns.Though the state signed a consent decree in 2005 promising wholesale reforms, court monitors continued to document widespread violence and maltreatment.The violence rate inside state facilities did not decline from 2005 to 2011.

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