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I certainly think things played out the way they should have..

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Nanghina tlga ko, wla eh sobrang namiss ko tlga sya.

kita mo nman, im still here to help, and comfort you :) kahit na may mga bagay kapang di snasabi sakin, n feeling ko may doubts and lies pa dn, ill just pray and wait na mawala na lahat yan :) dont worry. tipong, wala nang LIES, wala nang FEARS, wala nang DOUBTS. pero si God ung naka center satin :) si God ung link natin, si God ung Guide natin. :) well, after all those bad happenings, im still here. all those rules of love incl uding purity, respect, faithful we’re gonna promise to God na gagawin natin lahat yan.

Skylines have no date code so identifying the production date of an individual pen is not easy if impossible..

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