Atheist dating websites

They also shared Manson’s belief that the Beatles’ White Album was sending them messages about how to participate in Helter Skelter.

Songs like Piggies”, from that album, inspired drug-addled murderers like Charles “Tex” Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel to go into the Hollywood Hills and commit the gruesome murders of successful, rich members of the upper classes.

Spawned from the intensely racist Christian Identity Movement, The KKK practiced cold-blooded acts of murder during their reign of terror, at its most potent during the time after the Civil War.When Roman Polanksi’s pregnant fiancée, the stunning actress Sharon Tate, begged for the life of her unborn baby, she was told, “I have no mercy for you”.A true doomsday cult, Heaven’s Gate followers believed in UFO’s and that the Earth (and everyone on it) was about to be “wiped clean” and “recycled”.Only Solar Temple converts would escape the fate of mankind: since they were the faithful, they would be spared.The Solar Temple devotees believed that suicide was actually salvation, and that they would be really be going on a journey to a star called Sirius.

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