Armory not updating

3 – Open your artifact weapon as if you were spending points in it.

Paste the text in the addon section, as shown below.

gundo gear) also rereolled the fire damage on my weapon to normal damage - it's not showing in the armory.

What's funny is that the armory IS showing the gems I have in my chest if you put your mouse on it.

In addition, various raid progression tracking status indicators are not updating and not tracking my completion, Dragon Soul LFR, for one example.

Any kind of response or acknowledgement would be super.

The way I started was by writing down all the main categories I needed to plan for.

Short-Term List of Needs for Sheltering in Place for Two-Weeks After a Hurricane Many of the items that often disappear as a result of a disaster are items that protect your basic needs.

Yes, because the armory knows that there's another ID attached to your item (the gem) but doesn't have the enchantment (the socket).My character's model has not been updated in the Armory in several weeks.I'm in my prot spec, yet I'm dual-wielding 2-handed axes.This list will become your Master List of preparedness needs, so keep it in an easy to access location.Your list will also help to navigate you through your preparedness plan.

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