Howie do it dating show dating mtv show

The premiere episode features a singing telegram at a funeral, a dating show gone horribly wrong, and an infuriatingly inept waiter.

Episode 102 A young woman must sell a stain removal formula that doesn't work - not even a little.

It's just as well that this TV show didn't last long on the air.

Howie doesn't do it as far as talent and entertainment in this show.

Season 1, Episode 9February 13, 2009Winners of a game show lose in the end; a woman tricks her husband into appearing in a commercial for a new mouthwash; Vic guesses people's weight just by smelling them; and women model makeup that's anything but flattering.Season 1, Episode 4January 23, 2009An amusement-park visitor goes on a strange ride; a woman uses a tanning lotion that leaves her sunburned; and Vic seeks high fives from people on the street after he's sneezed on his hand.Season 1, Episode 5January 23, 2009A powerful shampoo causes a man's hair to fall out; Howie poses as a bumbling ticket agent at Universal Studios; a game show leaves its contestants in need of medical attention; and Vic gets close to his interview subjects.Season 2, Episode 6April 10, 2009A pair is blamed for an accident involving a priceless statue; a woman endures an odd audition; a woman smears men's faces with black makeup while interviewing them about their grooming habits; and a woman fills in for a bride during a wedding rehearsal.Season 2, Episode 5April 3, 2009A woman appears on a fixed game show; Howie's new assistant fires the wrong person; Howie poses as an inept concierge; and a man dresses in a banana costume to deliver a singing telegram to a hospital patient.

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