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Please join Julie Bassett, a Prevention Specialist at Safe Haven of Tarrant County, for a webinar.Whether you are new to the field of prevention; manage and supervise prevention workers; or work to secure funding support for your agency’s prevention efforts, this webinar will cover theoretical frameworks that will move your prevention work forward.By the end of this session, participants will develop a solid three-month action plan designed to build towards the successful implementation of their program’s goals.Meet the Plurals: How 13 to 21-year-olds Connect Young people, aged 14-21, represent one of the most diverse generations and are referred to as ‘plurals’ rather than millennials.They are perfectly poised to lead prevention efforts in their communities given the right supports.This webinar features information on brain development relevant to prevention workers and community educators engaged with youth of various ages.

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This webinar will feature the experiences they’ve gained and offer some perspectives to other domestic violence agencies seeking to deepen their own prevention programming.TCFV’s prevention team is available to support you program with targeted technical assistance, resources, and the tools your program will need to make your prevention programming fly.View our custom consultations process to learn more.Participants will have an opportunity to assess agency and counselor readiness for providing services to youth survivors and consider strategies to counter the impact adultism can have on therapeutic relationships between adults and youth.Supporting Youth Leadership and Creativity: Adolescent Brain Development for Prevention Workers Young people’s curiosity, creativity, and passion are by design; their brains are developmentally geared for problem-solving and experimentation.

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