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This longer wheelbase gave sufficient space for the rear passengers, and allowed FLM Panelcraft to develop longer rear doors.These longer rear doors had a solution with windable window so the whole window could be winded fully down.Wheter you want Unitruck for towing your boat, caravan or horse box, or simply to carry your camping equipment, walking boots or climbing gear, you couldn't find a more versatile playmate than Unitruck.Individually orthopaedically designed front seats and power assisted steering make Unitruck a pleasure to drive and a pleasure for passengers too.The driveline and the engine handle this sort of output without problems.

The B/C post is much wider than original; both to give better sturdiness and allow easier fit for the arrangement of the 4 door conversion.The gain in such a conversion solution is that the whole glass on the front door and the rear door can be winded fully down.A wide range of options will make your Unitruck tailor-made to your precise requirements.There is, however, a demand for four-door versions, especially from the lucrative Middle East and Swiss markets.Two firms have been carrying out this work - FLM Panelcraft and Chris Humberstone Design.

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