Who is aaron sorkin dating

The family-bonding story will make yours feel more bonded.

Call Me By Your Name, R The focus is on a young man (Oscar front-runner Timothée Chalamet) and the elusive guy of his dreams, but some say his kindly dad (Michael Stuhlbarg) has the deepest scene. Darkest Hour, PG-13 The family can get a patriotic thrill cheering as Winston Churchill unites the Allies and beats Hitler, and Gary Oldman's stirring oratory likely wins him an Oscar.

Richard Jenkins, 70, charms as the self-doubting best friend who helps the lovers escape.

I, Tonya, R Youngsters may not recall the 1994 Olympics scandal, when Tonya Harding's ice skating career ended after a hit man attacked her rival.

Aaron Sorkin’s writer-director debut is superb, partly thanks to Kevin Costner, 62, as Bloom’s insanely demanding dad.

FULL REVIEW All the Money in the World, PG-13 Teenagers will love the true story of kidnapped billionaire J.

Her father was a lawyer, a member of the Alabama state legislature and also owned part of the local newspaper.

For most of Lee's life, her mother suffered from mental illness, rarely leaving the house.

FULL REVIEW Lady Bird, R Not just a coming-of-age film for the young, it's the best mother-daughter story since Terms of Endearment.

Tougher than many of the boys, Lee often stepped up to serve as Truman's protector.

Truman, who shared few interests with boys his age, was picked on for being sensitive and for the fancy clothes he wore.

And The Disaster Artist is such a prizewinning hit, The Room will be rereleased in 600 theaters for one night, on Jan. Molly’s Game, R Jessica Chastain earned her fifth Golden Globe nomination as Molly Bloom, a scary, chilly world-class skier who (in real life) ran the world’s highest-stakes poker games for A-list movie stars and Russian mobsters.

With players losing 0 million at a sitting and her as the bank, no wonder she slipped into addiction and an FBI bust.

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