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Draco Malfoy wanted Ginny Weasley, and by Merlin he had her.Oneshot for Rowan Greenleaf's Polyjuice Brothel challenge at the DG Forum - rated M for smut. What would you rather do-have a strategy to win the guy you want, or sit at the bar all night and wait for him to come to you?You can visit the Sirens website at visit Arden's blogs at and follow her on Twitter at @ardensirens.Lackluster attitude will get you lackluster results. I envied my friends just a few years older, who were funny, gregarious, outgoing, and socially fearless.

Do not think for a moment that who you are is fixed.

The man you've been trying to talk to all night suddenly excuses himself. ARDEN LEIGH founded the fast-growing women's seduction coaching company Sirens, based in New York City, where she offers group lectures and individual coaching along with other coaches and guest speakers.

Arden Leigh schools women in the art of getting their desires, offering you effective tips for attracting him, mesmerizing him, and convincing him that what he really wants is you, including:•Why being sexy shouldn't be your only weapon•Why waiting for him to approach you is one of the worst things you can do•Why you should always do more at the party than have fun •How Facebook, Twitter, and texting can help you-or hurt you.

We are all genetically predisposed to be attracted to certain kinds of people.

Attraction occurs without our even thinking about it.

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