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Membership in the Covenant granted the Unggoy freedom from risk of extinction during Balaho's two winters, as they now have access to sufficient supplies of food.Infant mortality has decreased to below fifty percent since joining the Covenant, and geronticide is no longer a necessity for survival.After the uprising's conclusion, as was their tradition, the Sangheili forgave the surviving Unggoy and allowed them to enter the Covenant military as armed infantry units, rather than the unarmed cannon fodder as which they had previously served.Despite the low place they have in the Covenant Hierarchy, the true irony is that the Unggoy's entry into the Covenant has ensured their species' survival.(Latin, Monachus frigus, meaning "cold monk") are a sapient species of squat bipedal xeno-arthropodal vertebroid lifeforms in the unified races of the Covenant Empire.

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They are referred to as Grunts by humans, as they are considered weak in comparison to their superiors, because they perform the majority of the physical labor required by the Covenant and they lack the knowledge of combat compared to other Covenant species.Prior to the activation of the Halo Array, the Unggoy had managed to achieve a Tier 6 society on their homeworld, Balaho.However, the planet and the Unggoy civilization was devastated by the collapse of its biosphere due to massive global overindustrialization.While they are essentially a slave race, the Unggoy have managed to largely retain their cultural identities, and have rebelled in the past several times.Being the lowest-ranked species of the Covenant, they are bitter rivals with the Kig-Yar, who are also low-ranked.

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