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HOW TO FIND FACEBOOK'S SECRET MESSAGE INBOXWe all know how to find Facebook's message inbox - heck, they put little red numbers over it every time you get a message - but did you know there's a second, secret message inbox? There are probably far more messages than you're expecting, you just need to know where to look for it - it's secret, not signposted after all. One way to give Facebook's feed algorithms a kick up the arse is to start labelling your Facebook contacts as 'close friends' and 'acquaintances'.

To get there, open the Facebook Messenger app and click Settings There's a point that comes in all of our lives: the day you realise your Facebook feed is full of inspirational quotes posted by people you wouldn't trust for directions to the nearest newsagent's. All the updates from your close friends will appear on your news feed, diluting the drivel your 'acquaintances' post. Well, in the 'Friends' tab you'll see a drop-down box next to each of your mates' entries.

Unfortunately not all emoji get shortcuts, but the most popular ones are included.

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HOW TO FIND THE HIDDEN BASKETBALL GAME IN MESSENGERIf you haven't heard about this already, what rock have you been living under?

By going Settings Find yourself living in constant fear of hackers stealing arty photos of your dinner? We warn you, though, this could end up being a pretty big download if you're a real Facebook victim.

You can actually download your entire Facebook history, to savour every last drunken photo, over-sharing post and your 4,387 selfies for all eternity. It includes pictures and other media as well as text-based posts.

), who are still interested in what you're doing every day.3.

HOW TO UNFRIEND SOMEONE WITHOUT LOSING ACCESS TO THEIR ACCOUNTWhen unfriending someone on Facebook classes as workplace bullying, we're all in trouble.

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