How to succeed at the dating game

You haven’t yet realized that a moderate use of alcohol is incredibly useful in social situations.

Even the most socially awkward dude can lose his inhibitions and interact with women.

Instead of sharing an interesting story and talking about how it made you feel, you try to use reason and logic, whilst explaining how the country got in or out of the recession.

You feel frustrated that you can’t understand women or that they just don’t get you.

***I will go back and put all of the ending difficulties at another date.

:) Are you having difficulty wooing the virtual man or woman of your dreams?

You do not have the balls needed for sex to happen.

You fear rejection and this stops you from interacting with hundreds of potential chicks.

Then this tumblr page might just be the answer to your prayers!

♥ Make sure to leave questions in the ask box if you don't see a walkthrough for the SIM date you're playing and I'll get around to it.

Computer games are the easiest for me to reach, br0.

The process of impressing him (whoever he may be c;) is definitely more entertaining than the end result.

Overall, the game is pretty rad and the graphics are lovely.

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