Dating guys with bad reputations

The main thing I came away with about this Ireland Native is that he is a drunk.

I have no idea how the redheaded Irishman became synonymous with Ireland. i can honestly say NO irish men do not have small penises ....

I did know a few guys with small ones, but they were the exceptions. .haha, r2, your post reminds me of a scene in 30 Rock where Conan O'Brien and Alec Baldwin were having a convo and they made snipes at each other about being "red" vs "black" Irish.

All uncut, of course, both Catholics and Protestants. A bit on the psycho side, most of them - a lot of drama and performance and then romance and worry that you weren't going to keep calling. I'd imagine Conan has at least an average-sized dick given how tall he is.

I'm of Irish decent and am definetly on the large side, plus the guys I've seen erect, who have irish blood, are about 50/50... but never met an irish dude who wasn't at least average sized I know an Irish guy, who left Ireland a few years back, moved to the west coast and started dating mostly Asian guys, just because of his insane paranoia over his less than gigantic member. In terms of evolutionary biology, nature would tend to select for men with moderate sized penises. It does have something to does with nationality, but no Irishmen do not tend to have unusually small penises. Which might make them look disproportionately smaller, than say...

He never has had a serious relationship and is always chasing guys in a needy, clingy way. being overrun by men with small penises from south of the border cracks me up. Take your small penis back to your own small penis country! In order to successful inseminate a woman it would have to be big enough when erect to create friction inside the vagina so that the man can get off, but not so big as to not be able to fit in and move around comfortably. I've been giving physicals for almost 20 years, and the correlation between Irish bloodline and small meat is undeniable. Hairy men's tend to look smaller than nonhairy men and many Irish men are hairy. oh someone who is Czech and has absolutely no hair on his boyish body.[quote]I tend to find Irishmen humorless.

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